The Rhodes Family in West Virginia

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There are 2064 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Booth, George in 1515. The most recent event is the death of Rhodes, Eugene Oral in 2010.The webmaster of this site is William Rhodes. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.
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 Rhodes History
About The Rhodes Family in West Virginia

Mr Rhodes born.abt 1702 died.abt 1735(His first name unknown)lived among the foothills of VA with his wife and 3 children many years before 1738.He was tomahawked and scalped in his doorway about 1735 during an Indian uprising.

His wife and daughter were carried into captivity with other women and children,his sons hid in bushes and escaped to a fort.The women were killed because they couldn't keep up with the Indians flight across the mountains,but a chief took a fancy to the daughter and adopted her.

John Rhodes b. cir 1722 Christopher Rhodes Sr b. abt 1724 d. abt 1839

Christopher escaped the Indians (see above),married,and settled in Rockbridge,Co VA with his family.A widely known marksman and hunter he lived to be 115.When Christopher was over 100 he won a Christmas shooting match, sitting in his doorway and steadying his long rifle again the doorface.aka Christain Rhodes b.abt 1730-42 d. aft 1831, of Botetourt Co VA,hunter,Indian fighter,married several times, received a land grant south of James River in 1768.His will dated Feb 26 1827 calls him George Christopher Rhodes,and is the archives in Charleston WV, Will Book E of Botetourt Co.

A man named Rhodes lived in the pioneer days in Rockbridge co. Va. near the Natural Bridge.He was hunter and Indian fighter.At one time,his stock were all killed or carried off in an Indian raid, and his cabin burned, but the family escaped to the fort.In 1832, six of his sons came to Mill Creek Valley, to the Flesher farm opposite Ripley,(Jackson co. Va.)Their names were Christopher,Benjamin, Michael, Samuel, Mathias and Peter.

Benjamin Rhodes born abt 1783 Rockbridge Co VA, d.1851 (will dated Oct 20 1851).Benjamin married ????? then he married Nancy Golden Ilene Winters says: raised in the household of Christians.

Mathias(Matthew)Rhodes b.1815 VA m. Martha "Patsy/Matilda" Parsons Feb 21 1839

Thomas Rhodes Born Oct 24, 1848 Jackson Co, Va Died Aug 18,1920 Jackson Co ,WV He Married Rachel Casto on Feb 13, 1868 in Jackson Co, WV

Thomas Edward Rhodes Oct 15, 1888 Jackson Co, WV Died Jan 8, 1972 Jackson Co, WV He Married Esta Ethel Tenney on May 28, 1913 Jackson Co, WV Esta Ethel Tenney Born Apr 14 ,1889 Roane Co,WV Died Jul 13,1963 Jackson Co,WV

William Granville Rhodes Aug 24, 1913 Jackson Co , WV Died Dec 25, 1990 Jackson Co,WV He Married Lillie Virginia Horn on Nov 26, 1937 Lillie Virginia Horn Born May 25,1922 Died Apr 25,1999 Jackson Co, WV

William Jesse Rhodes Sr Born Jul 16, 1939 Died Aug 11, 2002 Jackson Co, WV He Married Mary Evelyn Westfall on May 18, 1963 Mary Evelyn Westfall Born Apr 27, 1947 Died Sep 15, 1994

Then Me William Jesse Rhodes Jr Married Lori May Hackney

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